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Placed in Umalas, Bali

Guest Relation Manager


Hostel is a form of lodging with a shared room system. One room will be occupied by 6-8 guests. Kultur as a hostel management operator is looking for ”a host". In the realm of hotel-class accommodation, the manager in charge to lead the hospitality team: housekeeping, waiter, and security for all activities at the hostel. Taking the role of an accommodation provider in the tourism industry, mastery of "hospitality services" is necessary.


  1. Build a community of each business unit formed by culture, such as in hostels, where guests are tried to share a community by running sustainable programs.

  2. Change cultural value into an industry value, so that it has economic value through the management of property assets. The cultural value that is formed is "everydayness" that is questioned by daily habits such as consumption patterns, residential concepts, social interactions, and phenomena that we can observe in other people's daily lives.

  3. Community Program becomes the main marketing tools in increasing the value of the business unit.

  4. Running and planning a business plan and business strategic hostel culture as a business unit based on community formation.

  5. Running Sustainable Tourism Development.


As a host, requires the following skills or abilities:

  1. Able to run managerial standards in hospitality service, such as cleanliness, neatness, hygiene.

  2. Having the ability to manage finances in running a hostel business unit.

  3. Understand the importance of brand value and brand awareness to be able to issue a strategic plan, and run it to increase sales of business units hostels.

  4. Work with community managers in interacting with collaborator programs and with guest guests.

  5. Understand the sales system of hostels, so that they can establish relationships with tour agents, or trip providers and local guides.

  6. Have a passion in traveling, especially cultural travel, and subculture, because it will be a medium of communication to guests in accommodating information - information that will be carried out by programs run by community managers.

  7. Work time discipline is very necessary because it deals with managing HR both internal teams, program collaborators, or vendors.

  8. Having English skills both oral and written.

  9. Having the ability to write and update information in the tourism industry is a plus point.

  10. Preferable: female, bachelor of tourism management/hospitality management/communication.


March : Recruitment

April : Job Training

May - June : Form SOP

Community Manager


Kultur Space is an institution engaged in the development of tourism industry through space activation. In April 2019 Kultur Space is preparing a space activation in one of the business units in the form of hostels. In execution around activities, Kultur Space relies on reading the context of the area so the activation is carried out on target, especially in the development of local communities within the area. Community-based economic is one of the targets to achieve long-term sustainable living That’s the main role of a community manager, able to interact with the local community and contribute to mobilizing programs based on the daily cultural values of the local community.


  1. Community-based Economic Development

  2. Sustainable living development through activation of a space

  3. Changing Cultural value to Economic value based on its activation programs

  4. Building a dialogue in the room discussion about the daily values of local people and being able to bring them into the realm of global issues

  5. Running the programs as a form of communication into cultural online platforms, bridge daily dialogue with global society


  1. Communication skills both verbal and oral in Indonesian and English

  2. Have a passion for activities that involve local potential especially related to human resource development through local communities

  3. Having a good issue in reading with knowledge of urban and rural phenomenology

  4. Have interest in developing Indonesia's tourism

  5. Willing to be placed in one of the Kultur Space’s business unit, for now being prepared in Umalas, Bali

  6. Being able to work in a team, especially can work well with "Host" as a representation of the business person in charge of the Kultur Space

  7. Ability to run event programs well

  8. Interest in filing, documentation, and processing observational data through the program.

  9. Have a working experience in an NGO (Non-Government Organization) or an institution engaged in activating social programs is a distinct advantage

  10. Preferable Bachelor Degree: Media and Communication Science, Anthropology, Architecture, Urban Planning


March : Recruitment

April : Job Training

April - June : Program planning

June - Dec : Running yearly program

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